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The Acadiana region is on the cutting-edge of technology initiatives. Several unique projects make Acadiana stand out from the rest of the world. One such project allows local businesses to have one of the world's most powerful supercomputers at their fingertips. 

Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) is a 3-D immersive visualization resource center hosting clients in commercial industry, government and university sectors. LITE’s leading-edge facility features a comprehensive set of advanced visualization systems including a 6-sided Virtual Reality CAVE also know as the Total Immersion Space (TIS). The TIS is located inside the glass egg structure that sits at the front of the building.  Conceived as a magnet for economic development, LITE’s advanced facilities and staff of industry experts are available to help businesses or organizations transform the process of innovation and accelerate the time to discovery. 

While the bulk of LITE’s clients to date have come from the health and medical, architecture and construction, film and entertainment, and oil and gas sectors, LITE is eager to work with any industry. 

In addition, Lafayette recently launched a Fiber to the Premises Initiative, which includes a 65-mile, 96-strand fiber optic ring around the city that will provide fiber connectivity to every home and business in Lafayette.

Stretching Acadiana's connectivity even further is the Louisiana Opitcal Network Initiative (LONI) , a fiber optic network connecting supercomputers at the major research universities in Louisiana, allowing for computation speeds greater than 1,000 times the rate previously possible. LONI connects Louisiana to the National LambdaRail, a 15,000-mile, nation-wide fiber network dedicated to research.