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With more then 225,000 people, the centrally-located parish of Lafayette serves as an economic center of Louisiana. The region's legendary joie de vivre and Cajun and Creole cultures are known worldwide, creating a unique environment for work and play. Lafayette is also home to a world-class workforce, an integrated transportation network, a diversified business base, preeminent high-tech infrastructure, and a metropolitan appeal. The city is the center of a region that's both multi-cultural and multi-industrial, and is surrounded by a unique, publicly-owned fiber optic loop. From oil and gas extraction to crawfish farming, we've created unique industries while developing technologies that are now the global standard. Today, Lafayette has diversified by positioning itself as a medical, transportation, entertainment, education and retail hub. The resilience of Lafayette's economy can be attributed to its entrepreneurial spirit and productive workforce that demonstrates a strong work ethic influenced by southern values. With this foundation, Lafayette Parish is able to foster an economy that supports a growing population, a low unemployment rate, as well as strong real estate and retail markets.


For more information on Lafayette Parish please contact Lafayette Economic Development Authority